Roof venting should be eye-appealing

August 23, 2018 Larissa G.

Roof venting should be efficient, effective — AND eye-appealing

There’s more to roofing than just the technical aspects of keeping an attic moisture free and serving the home’s heating and cooling needs efficiently. It needs to look good too!

Roofing contractors keep up with the latest trends because it’s part of earning the customer’s trust. Not long ago, residential customers chose from little more than two or three colours of asphalt shingles with ugly metal vents.

Today, roof coverings include regular and designer laminate shingles and a variety of metal, engineered composite or simulated slate tiles — even the new, though expensive, solar variety that power homes.

That’s where Duraflo comes in.

Duralflo exhaust vents by Canplas are designed for all kinds of roof coverings in four colours — black, brown, grey and weatherwood — that match shingles and soffit flashings. They’re also easily installed.

Made from high grade polypropylene, all Duraflo injected-molded vents contain UV inhibitors to curb colour fading, ensuring the home’s roofscape will stay looking great for decades.

Duraflo Sales Rep Greg Weatherell notes that the product line-up looks good on all kinds of roof styles — gabled, pyramid, tall peak or a combination thereof — in urban and rural locations and in hot and cold environments. Compared to the old-tech metal variety, Duraflo’s slim vents work with the surrounding colours to blend in to the roof and almost disappear. There’s also a passive ridge vent, colour-matched and installed along the roof’s peak.

Where snow build-up may potentially block low-profile vents, Duraflo’s new line of colour-matched PROVentilator and PROTurbo static vents are designed to stay above any snow accumulation. Their internal baffles both exhaust air from the attic and ensure nature’s wind-driven precipitation is drained away.

These stylish vents do their critical safeguarding job on most styles of sloped residential roofs under all conditions.

When it comes to venting a home’s attic to maintain roof and shingle integrity — and doing so with style and innovative design — Canplas’ Duraflo line of exhaust vents has become the first choice of general and roof contractors.

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