Endura® Shines at FOG Forum

December 1, 2017 Emily Gamble

In April, the Western State Alliance (WSA), in collaboration with The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, brought together stakeholders from the western United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to participate in the 2017 third annual FOG Forum (fats, oils, and grease). The forum featured two full days of presentations and discussions on topics such as how to put together a FOG program, the latest in interceptor technology, the fundamentals of pumps trucks, and many other topics of interest to the attendees.

Faith Winter, Market Development Specialist, was delighted to have the opportunity to display Endura® Grease Interceptors and discuss Endura products with those who interact with them most: authorities having jurisdiction, inspectors, installers, pumpers, and contractors. As part of the interceptor panel, Winter was able to be a part of the conversation, looking at what is new and discussing the changing marketplace, especially for the new large capacity Endura XL units.  The Endura XL line of hydromechanical grease interceptors employs a technology that is commonly used for smaller grease interceptors (oftentimes incorrectly referred to as “grease traps”) in a larger application, thus making them an alternate to the commonly used, large volume, concrete, gravity grease interceptors. Winter explains, “The 100XL unit has a flow rate of 100 gallons per minute, but a tank volume of only 257 gallons. Due to the increased efficiency of hydromechanical technology, the unit is able to hold just as much grease as a 1000-1500 gallon gravity grease interceptor.” Endura’s Smart tank design offers many features including a choice of three pre-plumbed outlets, integrated sampling port, and a fully accessible integrated flow control device with external flow control available as an option. The thermoplastic construction also has the corrosion resistance that concrete doesn’t have over time.

Winter met with those who are already using the product, too. “I learn about people’s difficulties and issues they encounter that we had no way of identifying when we were manufacturing the unit. I take that information back to the product development team, and they turn this feedback into changes to existing products as well as new product innovations. Innovation is not just a buzzword at our company. It’s a priority.”

Because of the Endura unit’s light weight, Winter was able to take a sample unit to the event so that people could examine it, ask questions, take photos, and access the literature. “It’s a real benefit to be able to give people a hands-on look at our units.” Another benefit of the product that Winter could demonstrate at the forum is its efficiency. “All of our hydromechanical products have third-party certification, and they are certified to, at least, 90% efficiency. There are no performance tests for gravity units.”

Winter found the FOG Forum the ideal opportunity to do what the company does best, educate the market and get feedback from end users. “We like to go to these events to meet with people who use our units and experience them first hand and get their feedback. We make sure that we’re there as a resource if they have any questions. We want to make sure that we’re out there and educating our users to get the most from our products, so we all can benefit.” Winter looks forward to bringing Endura to next year’s FOG Forum and having new opportunities to meet with stakeholders and to contribute to the discussions around FOG technologies and programs.


Sewer authorities and building owners spend millions of dollars every year combating grease accumulation in plumbing systems. Grease accumulation causes sewer blockages and overflows. These overflows are a health risk to employees, customers and the general public. Injection molded in engineered thermoplastic, the Endura® Grease Interceptor provides restaurant operators and food manufacturing facilities the best value and performance on the market today.

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