Passive Roof Vent

September 8, 2016 canplas


Here are two scenarios:

Scenario A: You have a traditional turbine vent on a metal base.


Scenario B: You have a WeatherPRO PROTurbo vent on a plastic Easy Level Base.

In Scenario A, the turbine vent moves air by rotating. The turbine functions well, as long as it doesn't stop moving due to snow or ice accumulation or seized bearings; then it becomes susceptive to weather infiltration. 

To install the metal base, the installer has to take out a level to ensure that the vent stands upright, which changes depending on the roof pitch. Using a level doesn’t always work, meaning that installation can take a lot longer, and a lot more effort.

It’s this first scenario that had two Duraflo design engineers brainstorming ways to use our products in new ways to fix the problems customers were facing with traditional turbine vents.

And that’s how they came up with Scenario B: the WeatherPRO PROTurbo and Easy Level Base.

In Scenario B, the vent has no rotating parts. Instead, it uses our Airfoil baffle system, the same that’s in our WeatherPRO PRO50, so that when wind goes over the vent, it hits the surface and draws air out from the attic. Thanks to this baffle system, rain and snow come out of the bottom of the vent through weeping holes, and down to your eavestroughs.

In the second scenario, we’re utilizing our patent pending plastic Easy Level Base. It’s an improvement over the typical metal base, which installers still have the option of using. If they do decide to use the Easy Level Base, however, the installer sets the base on the roof, and uses two tabs on the front of the base to click it into place—no level needed.

The Easy Level Base design was adapted from our WeatherPRO PROVentilator – which went through rigorous testing and changes based on customer feedback.

The patent is still pending on this base, but we’re looking forward to bring it to our customers as a part of our constantly evolving and improving product line.


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