Passive Venting Device (6050 Roof vent)

September 8, 2016 canplas

Canplas hasn’t always been in the roof ventilation market, but before we were, most vents in the market were made of metal.

These metal vents had screens on them that were difficult to install properly, making them a comfortable home for nesting birds and angry bees.

Canplas saw an opportunity to enter into the ventilation market by creating the first Duraflo product—The Duraflo Square Top 6050 roof vent, in 1992.

We spoke with our customers about these difficult-to-install screens and came up with a solution.

The new vent emulated much of what the traditional metal vents looked like at the time, except now it was made of plastic. It included a grill on the inside to prevent nesting birds and bees from entering. Placing the grill into the vent is not a part of the installer’s job anymore, either. It’s taken care of by Canplas, pre-installation, as part of the injection molded plastic process.

Our most basic roof vent has evolved in the last 24 years. Over that time, we’ve added features to redirect rain away from the home, or to fit shingle design or thickness better, depending on whether you’re using shingles or wooden shakes.

Canplas is constantly asking customers how to improve on our products—and our original product is no exception.

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