Passive Venting Device (Weather Pro Baffle System)

August 7, 2016 canplas


The standard roof vent design, one that we have in our Duraflo SquareTop 6050s, has been around in both metal and plastic for over 40 years—and not much has changed in that time.

The idea is simple: airflow streams out of the attic through the bottom of the vent, getting rid of stale, old air from your home.  Sometimes, however, these simple vents would also allow snow to fall straight into the attic.

In places like northern Ontario, where snow is a commodity, these vents don’t provide much in terms of protection from the weather.

So what if we were to make it much more difficult for rain or snow to make it inside your home?

This was the thought process behind the design of our WeatherPRO Baffle System. In this system, air exits out of the top of your vent, instead of from underneath it. A set of inner and outer walls provide high airflow, while deflecting water and snow. The design also includes drainage openings to send water out and then down your rooftop.

This type of baffle system was the first of its kind when it was launched, and we’re now using it in several of our products, such as the WeatherPRO Slantback, the WeatherPRO PRO50 and the WeatherPRO PROTurbo.

Thanks to feedback from contractors, customers and users, the initial design of this patent has changed  from when the product first came out. Our vents are now able to provide excellent defense against weather infiltration.


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