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  • Damaged Sewer Pipes Lead to Flooded Basements

    Sewer lines are leaking. And if you’ve ever had to endure a flooded basement, you’ll know how painful the result can be. Storm water and ground water, often referred to as ‘inflow and...

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  • What You Need to Know About CSA Certification

    What You Need to Know About CSA Certification

    The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) has been developing and certifying safety standards for nearly 100 years. Since then, they’ve built a lasting legacy of ensuring manufacturers, retailers...

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  • Never stop giving back. Never stop learning.

    Our people are our strength. The people who live and work in our communities. So Canplas invests in our people, who in turn invest their efforts towards the continual improvement of our company...

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  • The relentless pursuit of Innovation

    Innovation is an essential component of our DNA. And thanks to a spirit of innovation and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement, Canplas holds over 60 patents and design registrations...

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  • Protecting our workers and the environment

    Safety All accidents are preventable. That’s our philosophy, and to deliver on it we: Provide a safe work environment Training and work systems required for employees to carry out their work...

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  • What’s keeping this…out of this?

    What’s keeping this…out of this?

    Climate change is overburdening our storm water and sewer systems. Along with the increased frequency of extreme weather conditions in recent years, homeowners are seeing an increase in water...

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  • ABS vs. PVC – Crowning a champion

    After drudging through every plumbing forum on the Internet and consulting plumbers from each corner of the industry, only two things are certain. Everyone has a differing opinion on what is truly...

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  • 7 steps to keep your backwater valve in order

    Your home is protected by a backwater valve, either because you had a great builder, or you’re a smart owner. Off to a great start, right?

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  • Dynamic Inlet Baffle

    There’s no arguing that working with grease is a dirty job, but as the saying goes, someone’s got to do it. And whether the general public is aware of it or not, we’re all a lot better off thanks...

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  • Interceptor Latching and Riser System

    After years of research, customer interviewers, and expert tinkering, Endura interceptors enjoyed an encouraging market debut. But as the reviews started rolling in, we learned many users were...

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  • As clear as grease

    As clear as grease

    Grease management can be a daunting industry for newcomers, especially if it’s your first time

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