Easy Open Test Membrane

December 11, 2018 Brendan Ellingham

For years, plumbers dreaded the thought of breaking test plates after pressure testing. It was a nuisance, regardless of using a mechanical plug, plastic test plate, or test ball.

But after hearing reports of broken plastic test-plate shards clogging mainlines, resulting in pipes having to be excavated, Canplas engineers could no longer sit idly by.

With inspiration provided by an old duo-tang found in the Canplas warehouse, The Easy Open Test Membrane was born. Effectively eliminating the need for any specialized tool, save for a small knife, the new membrane was easily removed, could withstand over 15 psi of force, and all while keeping the plumber dry in the process.

We have implemented the Easy Open test membrane in our EO Closet Flanges, and Line Cleanout Tee.

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