Interceptor Latching and Riser System

December 11, 2018 Brendan Ellingham

After years of research, customer interviewers, and expert tinkering, Endura interceptors enjoyed an encouraging market debut. But as the reviews started rolling in, we learned many users were having problems with the covers. Bolts were being cross threaded, rusted, or just straight up lost. Back to the drawing board we went.

The new design needed to provide easy and nearly instant access, while still maintaining an air tight seal to lock in odour and leakage – It was easily one of the most challenging tasks our engineering team has faced to date.

But after three years of hard work and countless prototypes, the new and greatly improved latching system was ready to roll out. Inspired by a simple cam lever latch, the eight switches opened and closed with minimal effort, and are smoothly captured in the cover. Removal time was reduced to thirty seconds, and replacing the bolts with latches made for an even better airlock by eliminating user error.

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