Canplas PermOseal P-trap

December 11, 2018 Brendan Ellingham

The standard sink trap has been a plumbing staple for over a century, and the lack of improvements on the original design are both a benchmark, and a challenge, to engineers everywhere.

However, as DIYing exploded in popularity, the trial of aligning awkwardly positioned sink drains and pipes proved too much for many. Products were constantly being returned as a result of bad installations caused by strain of the misaligned pipes being forced together, and the challenge became clear. People needed a P-Trap that completely negated user error—a P-Trap that swiveled.

The new and improved Canplas PermOseal P-Trap contains a ball joint that provides 10° of adjustability in 3 directions, meaning even the most misaligned sink pipes can be easily connected without adding strain to the system. It’s a breeze to install for even the greenest plumber and eliminates both immediate leaks and those caused over time through stress fractures.

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