Central Vacuums: From Innovation to Installation with Bill LaMonica Sr.

October 17, 2018 Brendan Ellingham

Located in New Jersey, Bill LaMonica Sr. has built a business installing central vacuums in both commercial and residential spaces. After spending over 30 years in the industry, Bill Sr. has seen this household innovation grow into the thriving industry it is today.

The times they are a changin’

Over the past three decades, views about central vacuum systems have changed. Initially thought of as a luxury only for the wealthy, central vacuums are now more popular than ever before. At first, central vacuums were installed by electricians or plumbers, and not always correctly, according to Bill Sr. Once professionals like Bill Sr. began to install these systems, homeowners and builders were much happier with the results. “We knew what we were doing; quality work” stated Bill Sr. “Builders would see us and come back and say ‘it was great you were here’ …Some guys don’t know what they’re doing”.

The size of homes have also changed over the course of Bill Sr.’s career. Today’s larger homes significantly reduce the lifespan of a central vacuum motor, taking a motor that previously would have lasted 10-12 years and cutting that time in half. Before the demand for larger homes, it was estimated that a person would vacuum about an hour a week, which adds up to 520 hours over 10 years. However, in a 15,000-20,000 square foot home, the vacuum motor lasts half that time. Vacuum manufacturers have since created a double motor vacuum to accommodate the larger homes, and there is one new motor on the market that lasts almost twice as long at 1,000 hours.  Recently, Bill Sr. has seen a resurgence of homeowners sectioning off areas of larger homes and putting in multiple single motor vacuums. “We’re coming up to the point of three single motor vacuums as opposed to one or two double motor vacuums, cost-wise, is getting comparative now. As a result, I’m doubling the life of the vacuum”.

Another change to impact the central vacuum industry is the decrease in carpet installation in recent years. The majority of new homes are being built with hard surfaces and fewer carpets, negating the need for electric power brushes.

Aside from residential applications, central vacuums are being installed in commercial spaces such as department stores as well as vet clinics. Today’s central vacuum systems emit much less noise compared to previous models, allowing for unobtrusive use in public spaces throughout the day.

What’s Next?

Bill Sr. believes the future of the central vacuum industry is “quick, clean solutions”. Millennials don’t want to spend hours cleaning or carrying around hoses, states Bill Sr., “People want convenience.” Bill Sr. predicts the future for central vacuums will be filled with innovative products that make cleaning easier and more efficient, such as the CanSweep. According to Bill Sr.’s prediction, the future of the central vacuum industry looks convenient, compact, and quick!



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