The benefits of Central Vacuum systems.

December 11, 2018 Brendan Ellingham

Central vacuum systems bring convenience to the world of household cleaning. The difference between these and a conventional vacuum cleaner lies in the ‘central’ location of the unit. Rather than a portable unit, central vacuum systems are semi-permanent installations. They’re typically located in the garage and connected by inside-wall tubing to rooms throughout the home. The popularity of these systems took off in the 1990’s, but the concept dates back to the late 19th century. Unfortunately, the technology of the era presented challenges. The machines required were costly and didn’t offer the power required to be effective. Today, the cost of a central vacuum system is quite comparable to high-end portable vacuums.

A lighter way to clean. 

Today, the benefits of a central vacuum system are plenty. Perhaps the most noticeable convenience to the first time user is the elimination of lugging an often-heavy portable unit around the house. At the best of times, carrying a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs is an annoyance. At worst, it can be a safety concern. With a central vacuum system, only a connecting hose and power-brush needs to be carried. On average, that’s less than half the weight of a portable vacuum.

Cleaner air – less allergens. 

While often understated and overlooked, cleaner air may be the biggest benefit. Portable vacuums emit exhaust; and while, for the most part, dust and debris is trapped inside, allergens are not. Central vacuums pull all dirt, dust and allergens to the main unit – generally outside the home in the garage and removed from the interior air. This results in a more comfortable living space for the home’s occupants – especially for those who suffer from dust-related allergies. 

Better performance

Central vacuums can also provide better cleaning ability. The capacity for stronger motors and better suction is greater in these larger units. It only makes sense that many users report more effective performance. And, without the bulk and awkwardness of portable units, putting this powerful suction to use on your stairs is a much easier undertaking. Since you aren’t dragging the vacuum behind you, reaching tight places can be much more accessible – often without requiring extension hoses.

Quieter cleaning 

Having the vacuum motor located in the garage or basement means the process is significantly quieter. This is a welcomed relief to any one sleeping, studying, talking on the phone or watching TV while someone is vacuuming. And, for homes with a napping baby, most have experienced the awakening-power of running a portable vacuum almost anywhere in the house. A central vacuum system offers a better chance to sneak in a little cleaning during nap time.  



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